Request for Accommodations    Help


The process below should be completed a minimum of 7 business days prior to intended use of approved accommodations.  Please consider the accommodations you will need in each specific course as not all accommodations may be needed, especially in online sections. 

  1. Click the  'Accommodations' button in the main menu to access and send your Accommodation Letter. Any additions to the course schedule will require another request for those new courses added.
  2. Contact instructors to discuss and implement accommodations as early as possible, ideally no later than the second week of classes.  Accommodations may not be provided without this discussion with the Instructor.  Some accommodations may need to be set up well in advance.
  3. Many approved accommodations have required procedures which must be completed in order to use the accommodation. Review your approved accommodation procedures on the Specific Accommodation Descriptions and Procedures. If needed, request any assistive technology, alternate formatnote takers , etc. (Must be eligible for these accommodations)
  4. Students requesting accommodations within University Housing (including service animals or emotional support animals) should also review Accommodations within University Housing for additional information and requirements.
  5. Contact your DRO Access Consultant or if you encounter any difficulty in requesting your accommodations, implementing the accommodations in the course or require any changes or updates to your accommodation agreement.

Once submitted, your instructor will receive an email including instructions on how to access your accommodation letter by logging into the instructor portion of this website.  You are able to access your accommodation letter through the student portal. Please save a copy of your accommodation letter each semester for future reference since letters will not be available after the semester ends.

For step by step instructions, click the FAQ tab in the main menu.